2014 Winners

Congratulations to Our 2014 Winners!

After 18 days, more than 2,400 votes, one hundred social media posts, nine entries, nine judges, and 12 hours of deliberation, we were pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Win Your Wishlist $10k Giveaway.

Entries were received from communities across Canada, with focus areas including youth, women, technology, community development, poverty, education, and more.

In round one, entrants rallied their customers and communities to support their pages with a vote. And did they vote! From Calgary to Sudbury to London – and even as far away as Lebanon – entrants received the love and support they needed to get to the next round. The top eight voted entries moved on to Round Two.

For the Resonant Solutions Judging Panel, the second round was tougher than anticipated, as all entrants were unique and passionate in their own way. The Panel reviewed, scored, discussed and debated the merits of each entry, resulting in three top entries and five runner-up entries. The top three 2014 entries were:

Runner up prizes of $200 in services go to:

The biggest surprise of the Giveaway was late entry The MakerBus. With only 1h 28min before the closing deadline, The MakerBus submitted a compelling entry with a highly creative video (that may or may not have included a drone-filmed dream sequence). With only minutes to spare, they obtained enough votes to make it in the top eight, and carved out a place in the top three.

Many thanks to the organizations and others who promoted this giveaway and the entrants, including Communitech, TechAlliance, HalTech, and Awesome London Foundation. Thank you to those who viewed, voted, tweeted and shared.

And thank you to the daring entrepreneurs, innovators and passionate dreamers who help make this world a better place.

Does your business, organization or charity have a great idea? Tell us all about it. Resonant Solutions wants to help you turn that idea into a reality.

Enter today for your chance to win. Tell us why your business, organization or charity deserves to win. Create your wish list of Resonant Solutions services and tell us how it will help you continue to make a difference.

Grand Prize Winners

1st Place

MY Canada Association

MY Canada is committed to motivating & educating the next generation of Canadians to be amazing citizens advancing amazing causes.

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2nd Place

The MakerBus

We're a small group of passionate educators with a big dream and a big bus. The MakerBus is Canada's first mobile makerspace and technology education classroom. Our bus is fuelled by community support and we need the help of Resonant Solutions to get the word out!

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3rd Place

I Am Compelled

We are a start up charity educating the next generation on why Canada is so great! We like to call ourselves pioneers. If you know the story of any great pioneer, they started off with...ready for this....pretty much nothing. We have a dream in our heart, a skip in our walk and a smile on our face to see students in K-8 come alive when we present our media/theatre show. It doesn't end there, we COMPEL them towards greatness, leaving a legacy in their school, community and nation.

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Runner-Up Prize Winners

Runner Up

Kassie Tyers Productions

My name is Kassie Tyers. I am a singer song writer and motivational speaker from Sudbury Ontario. I love making a difference to people of all ages, whether it be from singing and speaking, leading Bible studies, mentoring young girls, or driving the school bus. From babies, to youth, adults and seniors, I have sung to them all, aiming to bring encouragement, joy and the love of God to all who listen to my stories and songs. I just finished my third album and desire to keep them coming.

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Runner Up Selah Vie Hair and Makeup

Selah Vie Hair and Makeup

Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry is a team of the most talented artists in the London, Ontario area. As a team we strive to bring excellence to our clients and allow them to feel like the beautiful women that they are.

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Runner Up

3rdRail Society

The 3rdRail Society, a Stratford small business co-operative, needs help finding support for a fibre optic Internet connection. The members are all entrepreneurs and heavy data users. A fibre broadband connection will help new and existing small businesses get their work done online, and attract new 3rdRail Society members currently working out of their basements and spare bedrooms. We need fibre – almost as much as coffee.

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Runner Up For the Love of Laundry

For the Love of Laundry

For the Love of Laundry helps low income families meet the basic need of clean clothes through free laundry events in London, Ontario. We see the amount of familes that need to put their money towards rent and food and other basic needs before anything else. But clean clothes is a basic need that often gets overlooked. We pair up with local laundromats who open up their machines for a few hours and I provide all the homemade (all natural) laundry soap. Washing clothes without any barriers!!

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Runner Up Sozo Jewellery Designs

Sozo Jewellery Designs

Sozo’s vision is to inspire and empower! We are grounded in the belief that as individuals, we have the power to encourage and speak life to those around us, instilling peace, joy, hope and identity! Each intricately crafted piece of jewellery is uniquely accompanied with words of life to the one who purchases. Sozo takes jewellery to a whole new level – beyond just a decorative accessory but jewellery that carries a life giving significance. We live in a broken world and that is why 50% of all profits are directed towards charities whose vision is to help people in need!

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