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Grand Prize Winners

1st Place

Canadian Roots Exchange

CRE shares Resonant’s core value of youth mentorship and training and has united over 2,500 youth from across Canada by facilitating national youth conferences, exchange programs, and local community events that strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. 

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2nd Place

MCIS Language Services, The Language Heat Map

The purpose of our project is to create a The Language Heat Map of real time language service needs across the Greater Toronto Area capturing the actual service delivery while debunking myths about ”languages of lower and higher diffusion”. Our intention is to use available municipal data sets and bring on board language professionals and public agencies for inclusion of languages within the larger set of urban indicators and to disrupt long-held mis-perceptions about actual language needs.

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3rd Place Ready Set Draw

Ready Set Draw

Ready, Set, Draw is a graphic recording venture. I help people learn and find their voice by translating words and ideas into images. I could use mentorship in all aspects of IT, media and marketing. My business serves individuals with disabilities and groups by helping to visualize goals and conversations. 65% of people learn by visual learning and the role I play helps people to focus and foster collaboration.

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