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Resonant Blog: When Failure is Not (Mar 3/14)

One thing you may hear from people trying to sell you something is that they can guarantee 100% success. When it comes to funding, that’s a little challenging to promise if success is defined as winning or not winning the money.

Because sometimes even with a perfect proposal, the answer is still no. How could that be? Well, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a yes or no: when in the year you apply, how much money is left in the budget, how grant-ready your company or organization is, your previous years’ financials, the potential impact of your idea, and the ability of your proposal to connect with the hearts and minds of those reviewers.

Some of these things are unpredictable, with no way to improve or know beforehand. Other factors, such as grant readiness and sustainability track record, can be dealt with head-on, and could be part of a medium-term strategy to help you create a very compelling, grant-worthy proposal.

Therefore it’s important to identify and address the points that can be improved, with an action plan and ideally with support from someone who has been there.

If you receive a “no” from a funder, don’t just hit the delete button and keep going. Take a good look at the response, and try to understand why you were not approved. The key to your next “yes” might be hidden in plain view.

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Finalizing Applications

Specialized services to assist in all aspects of proposal development, including pre-contract and post-award. 

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Focusing Ideas

Many great ideas are never funded because they lack the focus and alignment with funding program goals. Our services and tools can enhance project focus, fundability, internal buy-in and team participation.

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Finding Funding

Funding comes in many forms, and finding out that not every fund is for every one can be a frustrating and discouraging task for most. But not for us. We love helping clients find the funding that suits best, and engaging the partners and resources needed to help develop a grantworthy proposal. 

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Foundation Setting

Services to help get your organization on a steady footing and ensure you are ready to succeed after receiving your next grant.

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Resonant Business Solutions Products

 Resonant Business Solutions has a growing list of products to meet your needs:


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Grant Calendar

Never miss a deadline again! The one-year Grant Calendar is easy to read, updateable, and customized with your important funding deadlines and activity trigger dates to help you meet your organization's funding goals with ease.

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Proposal Development

Backed by proven strategies for increasing your proposal success while staying true to your vision, our business team helps write and edit your application to ensure that it meets funder criteria and communicates your ask with high impact. Assistance includes writing, editing, background information and statistical research, layout and custom graphics to make your application stand out from the competition.

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Model Development, Layout and Graphic Design

Our graphic design team provides professional design and layout services that add visual impact to proposals and clearly convey the merits of your project. Custom graphics include composite edited images, illustrations, infographics, branding, headers, document layouts, and cover pages. Design services are provided by our Resonant Media Solutions team.

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Polishing Services

For proposals mainly completed by the client, our Polishing Services provide success-focused guidance at the start of the proposal writing process, and strategic editing near the end prior to submission, helping to ensure the project is accurately positioned and there is clear alignment to the funding program and its requirements.

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Resource Planning Retreat

Resources come in many forms and include time, money and people. Discover new resources and opportunities to multiply your effectiveness and more quickly reach your goals through a customized Resource Planning Retreat.

Includes an engaging, facilitated workshop that empowers key staff to identify and plan which funding, tools and partnerships are required to undertake your next big project, event or annual plan.

  • Effectively kick-off funding activities related to your project with a group workshop!
  • One- and two-day facilitated retreats
  • This interactive and facilitated meeting engages key staff, resulting in higher group ownership and understanding of funding-related decisions
  • Structured yet creative, our retreats help organizations identify and plan grant and partnership development activities
  • Includes formulation of action plan and accountability charting
  • Support provided to develop a customized retreat agenda with training topics and goals that best meet the needs of your team and project
  • Includes pre-event meeting with key organizational contact, all retreat logistics and supplies, summary report, action plan, and post-event checkup
  • $3,000 one day or $5,000 two days, plus out of pocket meeting expenses
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Funding Solutions Training Series

Equip your organization with success-backed advice and proven grant writing techniques to take your proposals to the next level. Design-your-own workshop option available for companies, organizations and local support agencies looking to book an event for your team or members.

Funding Solutions Workshops are provided by Jane Ramachandran, grant and partnership development expert (click here for bio).

Funding Solutions 101: Building a Foundation for Success

  • FREE one-hour workshop
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Created especially for those who are just getting started with funding, or want a solid foundation on the topic
  • Grant Readiness Checkup to find out if you are funding-ready
  • Discover 3 massive mistakes even smart funding professionals make that lower their chances of funding success
  • Learn which forms of funding are a big time waster, and how the pick the type that is right for you
  • Learn how to raise the visibility of your profile and more!


Funding Solutions 201: Finding Funding for Success

  • Duration: one-day (customized duration available)
  • Prerequisite: none
  • For those who are ready to apply for funding and want the inside track
  • Grant Readiness Checkup to find out if you are funding-ready
  • Learn 3 tricks to help swim through the ocean of funding information without drowning
  • Tips to help you find REAL leads
  • Learn my simple three-step method to clear away deadwood - fast!
  • Understand what many don’t when selecting which leads to pursue
  • Discover how to reduce and even eliminate unwanted "surprises"
  • Practice search skills and receive advice


Funding Solutions 301: Focusing Your Ideas for Success

  • Duration: one-day (customized duration available)
  • Prerequisite: Funding 201 or equivalent experience
  • For people who have selected a funding program and have a project in mind
  • Learn how to package and position your project for the ask
  • Jump over these five big mistakes many grant writers make that cause their proposal to not even be read
  • Learn the key differences between small versus large proposals
  • Uncover how to tell your story and get the partners you need
  • Demystify the budget development process
  • Understand how to multiply the value of your dollar through the power of leveraging
  • Get insight on how to manage the grant development process without losing your team - and your mind!
  • Time to develop your concept, peer-supported Pitchfest and feedback during workshop


Funding Solutions 401: Finalizing Proposals for Success

  • Duration: one-day (customized duration available)
  • Prerequisite: Funding 301 or equivalent experience
  • Benefit from immediately implementable grant writing strategies, tricks and tips, and best practices to make your proposal stand out
  • Scoop up these eight proposal writing tips that instantly boost your proposal's first impression and get funders to keep reading - and liking - what they see!
  • Five need-to-know time saving tips to conquer tricky online, pdf and Word proposal templates with ease
  • Understand the role of the funder during the grant writing process and how to make it work for you
  • Learn about the software and hardware we love to use and why
  • Hear strategic advice on the three smart pathways to help you grow your contributions and partners
  • And much more!


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Training and Development

Whether for yourself or your whole team, Resonant Solutions offers training and development opportunities on a variety of topics.

The Business Solutions Training Series helps people who want to learn and grow their skills, increase their marketplace employability, and make a greater impact personally and professionally. We offer training on a variety of topics in business and technology through events that give tons of value, with a delivery that is down to earth and information that is relevant and immediately applicable.

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Our Blog

Welcome to Resonate!, the official blog of Resonant Solutions. Hear from our founders, team members and guests on the latest advice, updates, rants and reviews to help you find more funding, with less stress and greater success.

Be notified of new posts and other corporate info by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Our Favourite Resources

From software, to products, to advice, we love sharing resources that help our clients expand their impact and exceed their goals.

Websites We Love

Software We Love

  • Basecamp: A cloud-based project management software for anyone, anywhere. Includes great collaboration and information sharing tools.
  • Freshbooks*:Easy online bookkeeping software that tracks your time, revenue and expenses.

Services We Love

  • RingCentral*: Virtual phone service that connects your clients to your team, regardless of location. Also includes a scan-to-fax service, voice mail and creation of extension numbers for your team.
  • Backblaze*: Cloud-based real time backup. Safe, easy, inexpensive and reliable!

Apps We Love for Work

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Post-submission Services

Resonant Business Solutions provides assistance with pre-contract activities, as well as helping to develop a plan and resources to successfully report on, politically leverage, and manage grants.

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Project and Budget Development

A successful grant starts with accurate project and budget scoping that meets funder criteria. We work with our clients to map out a project scope with reasonable and risk-mitigated budgets that identify commonly overlooked project costs. Includes consultations to strategically define goals and objectives that will enhance the proposal’s chances of success.

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Funding Scout Service

For most, finding funding is an overwhelming and onerous task, made even more challenging by constantly changing programs and eligibility constraints. The Funding Scout is a leads generation service that spares clients from unnecessary frustration and saves countless hours by highlighting viable funding opportunities as well as ones which fly below the radar. Includes a friendly web-based format that delivers filtered, customized and intelligent results, and includes:

  • Qualified leads that have been verified to be active
  • Timely alerts received throughout the month to keep you aware of funding opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • Quicker access to time-sensitive calls for proposals
  • A filtered list of funding alerts, freeing up your staff to focus on alerts and project development instead of spending time hunting for funding programs
  • Optional 60 minutes per month for one-on-one strategizing calls to help quickly identify which funding programs to pursue, and next steps to help get your ideas funded
  • Optional Funding Opportunities Report that summarizes monthly alerts


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Fundraising Campaigns and Events

Whether your organization is from the private, public or not-for-profit sector, we love to help create meaningful and effective fundraising campaigns. From traditional options to innovative projects that colour outside the lines, our team is available to help make your fundraiser a success!

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Grant Readiness Checkup

Does your organization want to apply for grants, loans, foundations or other sources of funding? Did you know that your application success is influenced by factors that have nothing to do with your project?

Grant readiness is one of the key factors which determine grant application success. Many organizations apply for funds and are rejected because they are not grant-ready. Worse yet, some organizations are approved and have to turn down the awarded grant because they didn't realize what was required as a grantholder.

This service includes a Grant Readiness Checkup questionnaire, a consult call for up to 1 hour, and a brief report with recommendations and resources to enhance your chances of receiving project funding.

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Funding Database

Resonant Business Solutions offers customized funding databases, making it much easier to collect and share funding-related information that is relevant to your organization and stakeholders. Available as an in-house departmental solution, or as a public website for external partners, our Content Management System can be easily updated and is hosted by Resonant IT Solutions (our sister company). Services include professionally programmed database development, maintenance, grant searching and database updating.

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Funding Program Eligibility Applications

Eligibility applications are a necessary step for many financial incentives. Resonant Business Solutions’ services include applying on behalf of clients for eligibility to funding agencies and government departments such as NSERC, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the Ministry of Finance.

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Business Plan Writing

Are you applying for funding or seeking investors? Our team will work with you to create a business plan that tells your story, engages your stakeholders, and demonstrates a resonant impact in your sector and community.

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Business Development Services

This services starts with a one-hour consultation call to help identify opportunities for new partners, products, services, and markets. Clients can then determine which opportunities to pursue and what level of advisory and support services are desired.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Resonant Business Solutions identifies and matches potential projects and partners with current and future initiatives. Always steps ahead and with the big picture in mind, we help facilitate collaboration and secure matching dollars so that our clients are equipped even before official calls are released. Services include partnership development, matchmaking meetings, event organizing and facilitation, stakeholder focus groups, and idea generation events.

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Resonant Business Solutions Services

Grant, partnership, and business development support. Exactly what you need. When you need it.

Resonant Business Solutions is a one-stop resource with a full suite of professional services, specializing in grant searching, pitching, writing, statistical compilation, background topic research, business plans, and custom graphic design and presentation.

Our services help clients from start to finish. Regardless of your experience level, clients are equipped, educated and empowered to move forward. Client services fall within the four phases of grant development:

  1. Foundation Setting
  2. Finding Funding
  3. Focusing Ideas
  4. Finalizing Applications

Every recommendation is backed by research to help determine client and project eligibility, and an understanding of what it takes to reach our clients' goals. We go the extra mile to provide personalized service, an easier application process and expertise you can trust.

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Business Disclaimer

Please note that identification of a potential program, recommendation of client / project eligibility, or submission of a proposal does not guarantee funding.

Note that funding programs can be cancelled by their respective agencies without notice. Therefore it is recommended that identified funding opportunities be pursued as soon as is reasonably possible.

Resonant Business Solutions does not bear liability for such changes or cancellations. In situations where a service contract must be stopped, the Client will only be charged on the basis of work done, and we will work with the Client to determine whether alternative funding programs exist.

By agreeing to receive products and services from Resonant Business Solutions, the Client accepts all liability relating to the proposal, the resulting funding if awarded, and any activities that may be undertaken as a result. The Client accepts full responsibility to ensure applicant and project eligibility, adhere to contractual obligations and deadlines, claim the grant and report to the funding agency as required.

Resonant Business Solutions makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information, services, website links or related graphics provided. Resonant Business Solutions will not be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the provision of any products or services.

Services are provided on an hourly, flat rate, or monthly retainer basis. Don't know which route is best for your project? Contact us to learn more!

Hourly: $75-150/hour (available in five hour packages). Ideal for one-off projects.

Flat Rate:

Monthly Retainer Packages: Packages provide optimal flexibility, priority scheduling, dedicated resources, and targeted assistance where most needed. Available through simple three-month (minimum) contracts, and includes guaranteed support at Preferred Rates. Hours reset monthly.

Funding Lite


Low but steady service requirements


Up to 8 hours / month for services of your choice


$150 / hour


$999 / month (save up to $200)

Funding Assist


Low to moderate service requirements


Up to 20 hours / month for services of your choice


$125 / hour


$1999 / month (save up to $1000)

Funding Pro


Moderate to heavy service requirements


Up to 50 hours / month for services of your choice


$100 / hour


$4999 / month (save up to $2,500)

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About Resonant Business Solutions

Think of our team as an extension of yours, for all your grant and partnership needs.

Each client has unique needs, from hands-on participation to guidance on how to get a project off the ground. That's why our team provides products and services à la carte, as well as through hourly and monthly service packages.

From grantsmanship to research, layout and custom graphics, our team is here to help successfully position, package and pitch the ideas that matter most to you.

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Welcome to Resonant Business Solutions

We help clients boost business growth, launch winning ideas, and locate the right funding opportunities. Our Business Services Team is ready to assist with the backing of decades of expert knowledge and proven results.

Our specialties include Canadian-based grants and fundraising, strategic resource facilitation, marketing, business plan writing, and communications.

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Funding Roadmap

We understand what it takes to get funding. Save time and money, and spare yourself from frustrating dead ends with this customized plan complete with recommended funding programs and strategic personalized advice, with the following features:

  • Let us do the legwork for you. Your Funding Roadmap starts with a research service. We contact funding program representatives, investigate funding leads, press releases, directories, websites, and more. We approach this step very meticulously, based on client criteria and our specialized process, to cut away dead ends fast and provide solid recommendations.
  • Participate in the process. A successful proposal starts with information gathering to help determine client eligibility and potential funding programs. This optional free add-on includes an interview with one key personnel.
  • Get customized recommendations. Every Funding Roadmap includes a valuation of potential funding sources, funding options overview, preliminary risk assessment, leverage optimization review and path recommendation so that the next steps are clear. The Funding Roadmap is not an automated list of funding programs, but rather a customized, strategic assessment and recommendation of your best options with steps that can be implemented immediately.
  • Projected milestones. Take the guesswork out of what to do when. Receive a custom schedule and milestones for proposal development, submission and post-submission that accounts for time required for each task so that your submission is on time and on target.
  • Everything you need to get started. The Funding Roadmap is complete with key contact information, web links, important dates, matching requirements and eligibility criteria.

Contact us to get started today. Call 1.866.488.1247

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