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History: One of the greatest ways the world has been impacted has been through the art of storytelling and creative learning. Beautiful Fields Publishing strongly believes in the significant impact that storytelling and creative learning through multiple forms can have on an individual’s life. Our journey began with one woman’s powerful encounter with Jesus in 2007. After years of abuse, trauma, pain and addictions, one encounter with Jesus changed it all. She courageously documented her journey from bondage to freedom in hopes to set others free from their places of emotional, spiritual and physical captivity.

After watching the hand of God move powerfully in the lives of others through her story, this same woman began to document more stories of her real life travels with God after He set her free. Her children then began to experiment with the creative art of storytelling through poetry and allegories that they then published as well.

To date, Beautiful Fields Publishing has published 10 books ranging from journals and true stories to fictional works. Approximately 90% of the printed copies of the published works have been freely shared as the word of God declares- freely we have received so freely give. The ultimate heart’s desire for the company is to provide for the needs of others as we declare the value of every human life all to the glory of God.

Organizations that Beautiful Fields Publishing supports are: Joy Smith Foundation, Gospel for Asia, Teen Challenge, Bridges for Peace, National House of Prayer, Crystal City House of Prayer.

Request: Online interactive app created for future online classroom. For the online classroom, we would like to be able to create interactive assignments where we can pull in media elements from the internet, create assignments with interactive elements such as true or false, multiple choice, short and long answer questions. I would like the app to be able to keep track of students, assignments, etc. as well as be able to send remarks and grades within the app.

There is one that I am using on another site that is similar to what I would like to see built. There are some pictures of this in the video that was uploaded with the submission. However, if your team had another idea that could benefit the company we are willing to receive whatever service you are offering as you will see from the video.

Future: We are looking at expending an online classroom component where students can be trained up in a kingdom values in areas of relational & personal growth with God and others; community, national, & international involvement; and academia.

Closing: We know that this company has the ability to have a huge impact on many people but we need some external help to make that happen. We have many who are gifted in many areas, but we are lacking what is required to make a larger impact and this is where we believe that you could be instrumental in this. As our way of saying thank you for considering us, we would like to offer you a free e-copy of any of the books on our website. Thanks for the opportunity to expand and for your support!

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