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Canadian Roots Exchange is an award-winning registered charity that builds bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth aged 14 to 30 by facilitating dialogue and strengthening relationships through leadership programs. Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) believes in a Canada where youth stand in solidarity to promote respect, understanding and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Our key successes since our founding in 2008 include:

• Over 2,500 Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from every province and territory in Canada have participated in our one of a kind youth-led reconciliation-based leadership programming

• Over 700 Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth have participated in our 40 exchange programs across Canada

• Over 500 Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth have attended our 3 national annual conferences

• Over 200 Indigenous and non-Indigenous CRE youth leaders and supporters have engaged in national activities in support of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Canada’s Indian Residential Schools In 2015, the Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CEICYR) awarded CRE with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Award for Service and Innovation in the Not-for-Profit Provincial Category.

The awards selection committee shared:

“For the tremendous work that your organization does with regards to matters of equity, inclusion and social transformation within and across our province and beyond. Your organization’s work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth is trailblazing!” More information on our innovative youth-led programs can be found at our website


CRE is extremely proud to share Resonant Solutions’ core value of youth mentorship and training by facilitating national youth conferences, exchange programs and local community events that strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. Particularly, CRE has had the great opportunity to train and mentor Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from London, Ontario: the headquarters of Resonant Solutions.

CRE hopes to continue to partner with young people from London and across Canada through a collaboration with Resonant Solutions. Resonant Solutions’ capacity to expand online exposure through social media is greatly relevant to CRE given that as a national organization, social media ignites and connects our nation-wide network of youth leadership for reconciliation.

In order to reach more Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people from across Canada, CRE is thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Resonant Solutions through the 10K Giveaway contest. Currently, CRE’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity is growing at a tremendous rate. Nonetheless, CRE is confident that greater social media exposure will be paramount in furthering our mission of building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from across Canada.This is because in many parts of Canada, it is rare that Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth are given the opportunity to form respectful relationships and meaningfully engage with one another in a positive way. This hurts us as a country, and as individuals.

Only through young people learning about one another, and through sharing their diverse experiences, can the next generation come together to form a country built on respect and understanding. As youth learn about one another’s triumphs, struggles, challenges and opportunities, they commit themselves to standing up together for a more prosperous Canada.

With the 10K Giveaway contest, CRE would like to expand our social media exposure by developing the youth-led “Roots for Reconciliation” web app. This web app will provide young people with access to diverse Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories, treaties, cultures and worldviews of the local communities where Canadian Roots Exchange facilitates our leadership programs.

The “Roots for Reconciliation” web app will feature videos, art pieces, creative writing and resources that will act as tools for young people to promote dialogue, respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in their communities. CRE trains young Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders from communities across Canada. Our young leaders will play an essential role in creating the innovative content of the web app by submitting video, art work, and creative writing.


To date, CRE has over 2,375 Facebook likes, 1085 Twitter Followers, and 210 Instagram followers. CRE is solid in our conviction that with the development of the “Roots of Reconciliation” app established in partnership with the social media expertise of Resonant Solutions, CRE will be able to increase our capacity to innovatively engage our nation-wide social media followers.

In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on the country’s Indian Residential Schools published a historical report

a) outlining the survivors’ experiences as students of Residential Schools and,

b) releasing 94 calls to action to repair and renew relationships between all people living in Canada.

The report published by the National Commission highlights the importance of young peoples’ “strong voice in developing reconciliation policy, programs, and practices into the future” and consequently that youth voices are “vital to develop appropriate public education strategies to support the ongoing involvement of children and youth in age-appropriate reconciliation initiatives and projects at community, regional, and national levels.” In order to illuminate the findings and calls to action of the historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to our nation’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, CRE has developed the “94 Days for Reconciliation” social media campaign.

The “94 Days for Reconciliation” social media campaign has already garnered over 38 videos and creative arts pieces for social media exposure in our first month. A total of 94 videos and creative pieces will be published online as representations of the commitment of youth from across Canada to renew relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. With Resonant Solutions’ support, CRE will have the unique opportunity to showcase the 94 social media videos and creative arts pieces across Canada with the “Roots of Reconciliation” web app.

Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Justice Murray Sinclair has shared that "Reconciliation is not an aboriginal problem — it is a Canadian problem. It involves all of us." With Resonant Solutions support, Canadian Roots Exchange will increase our capacity to train Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth from across Canada to work together to use social media tools to develop and implement solutions.

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