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Is your laptop or power tool battery dead? Rebuild it! Instead of buying a replacement battery you get a better quality battery, more value for your dollar and take a pride in keeping old batteries and electronic waste out of the landfill. CHANS Battery Rebuild has been rebuilding batteries for laptops and cordless power tools since 2004. The company was established in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The idea came from a personal battery dilemma. I, Irina Chulkova and my husband, Sergei Chulkov, had a laptop with a dead battery that we were not able to find an inexpensive and quality replacement for. Sergei decided to try to rebuild the battery on his own. After the first rebuild proved successful, our friends and relatives began asking us to help them rebuild their dead batteries; not just for laptops but for power tools as well. Before long we were getting requests from friends of friends, co-workers and neighbors. Within a year we established our company CHANS.

The company name, CHANS, is an acronym for 'Customer Service, Honesty, Advancement, Nature-Inspired Initiative and Skills'. Throughout a 10-year span CHANS became the most well-known and profitable company in the field of battery rebuilding in St. Petersburg Russia. There was much pride in hearing customers say "If CHANS can't fix it, it can't be fixed".

After moving to Canada in fall 2014 we opened the same business in London, Ontario in July 2015 with the great support of Goodwill Industries, London Small Business Centre, and Pillar Non-profit. Our utmost goal is to have every battery for laptop or power tool rebuilt in Canada. The greatest challenge in achieving this goal is how to educate the citizens about the possibility to rebuild a battery and the economic and environmental benefits it may bring them and the community.

Resonant Media Solutions could help us create the professional and convincing website content and promotional materials, to develop public relations and social media communications. As a result more and more people might be aware about battery rebuild service and its considerable positive impact on nature.

Every laptop or power tool battery in Canada should be rebuilt. It is a great way to keep electronic waste out of the landfill. Our company CHANS Battery Rebuild should win 10K Giveaway to educate people and promote the idea of battery rebuild. We want to help everybody to contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Let us serve the community better. Vote for us!

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