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   Melissa Power

For the Love of Laundry helps low income families meet the basic need of clean clothes through free laundry events in London, Ontario. We see the amount of familes that need to put their money towards rent and food and other basic needs before anything else. But clean clothes is a basic need that often gets overlooked.

We pair up with local laundromats who open up their machines for a few hours and I provide all the homemade (all natural) laundry soap. Washing clothes without any barriers!!

I think you should choose For the Love of Laundry as your winner because everything we do is from out of pocket. Right now we receive no funding. We could provide so many more services to our clients if we had help. Having online/digital services would help us reach more people. We want to help our community and many other communities in this same way!! Please help us, help others!!

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