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Ignite Your Destiny International is an organization of excellence whose purpose is to equip and empower youth and communities through learning centers known as Destiny Vocational Center (DVC). The first project will be located in rural Kenya and will provide formal education, life skills and vocational training. The goal is to provide various forms of education to empower the youth and ignite their destinies to be productive members of the communities. The hope is this needed training will contribute towards alleviating personal and local poverty by producing job market ready individuals and independent entrepreneur’s able to cope with the social and economic demands. In addition this will meet overall educational needs and improve standards of living.

Vocational education, life skills and training will be achieved by offering courses that promote skills development, preparing students for higher education as well as providing apprenticeships in trades and with various service industries. Vocational education is one promising avenue for addressing some of the challenges such as the diversification of the job market, supply and demand etc.

The youth will be given a second chance through an attractive practical alternative to traditional schooling that could smooth the schooling to work transition for those unable to manage the traditional schooling track. Practical vocational training schooling programs are crucial given the high drop-out rates from primary school and limited primary to secondary school transition rates. Destiny Vocational Center will offer fair start options and deliver more readily-marketable skills to the youth. In terms of empowering the greater communities we will also offer adult education training programs such as food security, proper storage methods, hygiene, nutrition, income generating projects and self-sustainability.

At Destiny Vocational Center, we believe that laying a firm foundation based on biblical principles will strengthen spiritual and moral values and influence some of the basic yet fundamental challenges like youth culture, life style and character excellence. The DVC leadership and volunteers will encourage the youth to rise to their potential destinies and vision to transform their communities.

Our immediate need is to raise approximately 100,000 Canadian dollars to purchase land where Destiny Vocation Center will be built. This will be followed by subsequent phases of construction, equipping and staffing the center for full operation. We believe that investing in youth education and community development is key to sustainable development and we invite you to partner with us. We believe that winning the 10K Giveaway, would be both an honour and a privilege.

We are ordinary people, who have been given an extraordinary vision for an outstanding opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than we are. We need the help of Resonant Solutions in order to improve our logo and web design and to teach us to use social media and grant applications in an effective manner in order to assist us in our fundraising efforts. Thank you for this opportunity.

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