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MY Canada is an exceptional organization committed to educating and motivating young (and young in heart) Canadians to make a positive impact in Canada and beyond! Since 2006 our team has been hard at work, traveling across Canada, and casting vision for a brighter tomorrow.

Through the efforts of the MY Canada Association thousands of Canadians have been motivated to get in motion working for great causes such as ending human trafficking, strengthening families, protecting children from internet predators/bullies, protecting the elderly, protecting pregnant women, working for the poor, disadvantaged and more...the list goes on.

Since it's inception MY Canada has grown to 5,000 members strong with an accumulative social footprint of tens of thousands through social media. These members have been diligent to meet with our national leaders to help them make decisions for a stronger Canada, have helped shape social policy, have travelled internationally to put tangible "action" behind their advocacy work and have created social programs right here at home. We could not be more proud of these motivated young Canadians. Not only do they desire to change the world, but they have demonstrated that they are willing to put the hard work in to make it happen!

If we win the 10K giveaway it will help our organization leverage to the next level of impact - and we are eager to go there! Our commitment is to continue to raise up today's youth to be bright, strong, caring and contentious citizens who are committed to making their local communities, families, and the global community, a better place. Resonate Solutions services will help leverage us to get there.

Please vote for us and vote for the future of Canada! As MY Canada is strengthened it will help us impact hundreds, or thousands, of more young Canadians who will in turn impact multitudes more. Together we can can build a beautiful tomorrow.

Thank you for your vote.

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