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Care for Our Youth

My values align quite well with the values of Resonant Solutions. I have a Developmental Services Worker Certificate and am currently working on the last courses and practical portion of my diploma. I envision myself helping children with disabilities through transition periods and with inclusion difficulties through my unique training in visuals, using the Maps and Paths tools. In this way I share my gift with others and at the same time, find and develop the gifts of the children I work with.

Disability is not a word in my vocabulary. As Judith Snow once wrote:

“They said… She will never walk. She will die before she is 6. She will always live with her parents. There is no point in her going to school. You will never have any friends. Your kind belongs in Chronic Care. You don’t understand how it works. This isn’t art. They were right… I never learned to walk.”

Care for Our Local Communities and How I set myself apart

My graphic facilitation business started out of a local need for visual representation of community and team meetings. I have represented conversations from Family Services Thames Valley, The Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Women’s Rural Resource Centre, The Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty, and Elgin Children’s Network.

My business gravitates around the nexus of art-community-wellness. Community building and participation in local exhibits (Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum Exhibit – Children in Planning), Person-centred planning (Alice Saddy, Crest Support Services), projects (Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum Activity Book), conversations and other practical applications (Elgin County Culture Map creation) reflect the creative-social thinking of my graphic recording values and help to deepen self- awareness and build healthy relationships and lives.

I want to be witness to a well, creative and more human society.

Care for Our Global Community

I have a strong interest in serving my Veteran Arts Centre (SJHC) and have contributed donations on behalf of my poppy collection I hand-sewed and sculpted and sold most recently at Lucan ‘Baconfest’. I believe that contributing to a broader community encourages a stronger foundation and that servant leadership is an aspect of community that is so commonly mistaken for only a ‘Christian’ thing to do.Even though local residents have dubbed me as the local “Poppy Lady”, I am by no means anywhere near Moina Belle Michael, but I strive to remind others that Remembrance Day is Every Day.

What's on your wishlist?

Dear Santa, Please help me win the Resonant Solutions contest I am entering. Please bring me a website and education on how to use social media for effective marketing purposes. I need help in all aspects of website design, development, programming and hosting. I don’t even know how to tweet and all my friends do. Also, my phone is a dinosaur so I would like advice on what to do with that. I cant access internet from home and need to know what kind of data to get on my phone. I know I am asking a lot Santa, but my computer is old and so heavy to travel with. I would love to buy an ipad and have some help with training. Then my portfolio would rock! Also, I need help with marketing and grant writing and partnership building. Social avenues are not my forte and I have just started on this wonderful entrepreneurship adventure. Also, do I open a business bank account??? Actually, maybe I need a coach.

Again Santa, I know I am asking for a lot. I am a single mother and I consistently give to others, in fact, I have always been a good girl. I just need some help to get me out of the rut I am in and get this great business endeavor of mine off the ground! I know you can’t help me with everything Santa and I am willing to be a solid action-oriented participant in the process, but please consider my long list of requests. The potential impact of winning could have an enormous impact on the community at large.

Did you know that 65% of the population learns visually? The power that visuals have for both individuals and for groups can transform thinking and clarify complicated global problems too. Did you know they use visuals at MIT to help transmit messages in class? Medical students use them too! There is a powerful ability to discover, develop and improve on insights. The brain is a curious thing. If I had the proper training and data on an ipad I could also initiate the Music and Memory program at the Veteran Arts Care Unit for individuals with alzheimers. Imagine, the giving of art and oneself to the community at large to help solve future pressing environmental and social issues, let alone use art as a therapy for the individual.

Santa, you know the old maxim “a picture is a thousand words”. Well then, I will leave you with my 1000 words…. Passionately drawing, Monica

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