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The core value of Sozo Jewellery Designs is to strive to make a difference. We recognize this world to be a broken place, where each individual yearns to find a flicker of hope somewhere, somehow. We stand solid on the importance of making an impact in this generation by motivating people to stand up and walk in their destinies, by understanding their potential and identity! The word Sozo was chosen because it stems from the Greek word “save heal and restore (or deliver)” and that is what this broken world needs!

Change starts with the individual. We believe that we have the power to encourage and speak life to those around us, imparting peace, joy, hope, comfort and identity! Each piece of jewellery is crafted with intricacy and specificity, uniquely accompanied with a short description intended to encourage and impart words of life to the one who purchases. We have given jewellery a whole new purpose, it is much more than just a wearable decorative item but it is jewellery that carries a weighty life giving significance. In the making, we are attentive to design, meanings of colour and inspiration.

Change flows into the community. Therefore, Sozo believes in impact and outreach, with a vision that rests not only to inspire the buyer, but also the larger community. As a result, 50 percent of all proceeds are donated to a charitable cause. Our immediate vision is to raise money to help fight the sex trafficking industry, to help release people from bondage and lead them to healing and restoration – this is a great need in Quebec! One example is the organization 'La Sortie', which is a refuge home that has started this but the needs are many. Other future goals are to raise money to fund women’s shelters and youth programs that take teenagers off the streets and help them rebuild their lives. We know we are doing what we love when we are helping those in need!

Our main needs are found in financial provisions that will help host and fund events in the community that will in turn raise money for these organizations. We are in the process of finding sponsors and funding. In addition, we desire to expand our business through marketing and improving our social media and social networking means. Lastly, believing in the importance and value of community, we desire to work alongside other businesses, to learn from them, to encourage them and to help them flourish. By winning, we will be able to have the tools to reach more people through different marketing avenues, through social media, through advertising and using promotional tools to be able to fund events and release 100% of revenue to organizations. By winning we will be one step closer to changing history!

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