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Our goal is to expand access to technology and education in our community. Working with libraries, schools, and not-for-profit groups we bring cutting-edge technology to people who would not normally have the opportunity to use it.

We believe that every single person in our community has a creative spirit. Our hope is to empower people to create, build, and tinker. We focus on two groups in our community - youth and adults facing access barriers. London has tremendous social challenges in its future and our youth will be tasked with finding innovative solutions for these problems. We hope to inspire a new generation of creative problem solvers who are comfortable using both the technologies of the future and the tools of the past to create new solutions.

Second, and of equal importance, we help adults facing access barriers to learn more about technology. While it may seem like everyone has access to basic technologies like computers and the internet, a shocking number of adults face barriers that prevent them from accessing these technologies. Age, education level, and poverty are all barriers that prevent people in our community from accessing technology. By mobilizing technology using a converted schoolbus/classroom we hope to overcome some of these barriers.

Lastly, we believe in the amazing creativity of London's community. Through the MakerBus our team interacts with world-class artists, designers, and inventors. Our goal is to promote these amazing people within our own community. We're London proud! The MakerBus is entirely volunteer-run and community funded. We rely on organizations such as Resonant Solutions to fuel our project.

Your support would allow us to increase our visibility online and will allow our volunteers to refocus their efforts away from online branding and toward our real goal - helping our community learn.

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