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Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary industry professionals, strategists, and designers dedicated to helping our clients create, connect, and grow. Want to join us? Visit our Employment page for openings and partnership opportunities.

The Resonant Group Of Companies

Resonant Solutions began in 2005 and was incorporated in 2009 in Ontario due to demand, and in keeping with a vision to expand business operations.

In 2012, Resonant Solutions became a family company when Vicknesh, IT and web developer, married his now wife, Jane, grantwriter and business consultant. This union of IT and business expertise, along with their team’s broad skill set, has resulted in an innovative suite of services which help address and fill-in common business and organizational expertise gaps.

Today, the Resonant Group of Companies operates as a one-stop resource offering leading-edge services for corporate, non-profit, academic and government clients. With a team comprised of multi-disciplinary industry professionals, strategists, and designers, Resonant Solutions is dedicated to helping clients create, connect, and grow in four key areas:


Supercharge business growth, launch winning ideas, and locate the right funding opportunities. Our Business Services Team is ready to assist with the backing of decades of expert knowledge and proven capability.....more


Experience leading-edge technology and IT solutions, from responsive websites to apps, computer systems, networking, data storage and backup solutions, social media marketing and more.....more


We provide a full suite of online and print media services to help our clients grow their brands, including graphic design, photography, and event live streaming and post-production packaging......more


Connected Home technologies provide the next level in home automation. From home lighting, home security cameras and security systems, and more, iOS touch-control has arrived...more


Executive Team

<picture of Vick Ramachandran
Vick Ramachandran
CEO, IT & Technology
<picture of Jane Ramachandran
Jane Ramachandran
CEO, Grant & Partnership Development

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