Backblaze Backup

Knowing our documents are safe with Backblaze leaves me free to focus on our growing business."

- Trey Wylie, President of KBI Industries

Unlimited data

Continuous online back up solution

Secured with military-grade encryption

Perfect compatibility for personal or corporate computers, PC and Mac

Unlimited file backup for ALL of your documents, photos, movies, and more

Free web restore

External drive support

Easy setup and maintenance – just set it and forget it

Every computer is at risk of ...

  • - Failed hard drives
  • - Corrupt files
  • - Fire and other events

These things often happen without warning, and recovering lost files can cost thousands of dollars, with no guarantee that you can ever retrieve those files again.

Protect your memories

Personal laptops and computers without backup can mean loss of precious memories, financial information, and more.

Backblaze is easy to use. All your data will be backed up without having to do a thing. Plus, you get an unlimited account, so you never have to worry about going over a limit and paying extra fees.


Backblaze for Business

Corporate computers that are not backed up present a risk to your client’s data, your work, your reputation and your financial future.

Backblaze provides unlimited backup for a low flat fee, in a solution that is reliable, comprehensive and secure.


Back Up, Before You Wish You Had!

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Resonant Solutions is an official reseller of Backblaze and other backup solutions.

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