Finding Funding

Funding comes in many forms, and finding out that not every fund is for every one can be a frustrating and discouraging task for most. But not for us. We love helping clients find the funding that suits best, and engaging the partners and resources needed to help develop a grantworthy proposal. 

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Funding Scout Service

For most, finding funding is an overwhelming and onerous task, made even more challenging by constantly changing programs and eligibility constraints. The Funding Scout is a leads generation service that spares clients from unnecessary frustration and saves countless hours by highlighting viable funding opportunities as well as ones which fly below the radar. Includes a friendly web-based format that delivers filtered, customized and intelligent results, and includes:

  • Qualified leads that have been verified to be active
  • Timely alerts received throughout the month to keep you aware of funding opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • Quicker access to time-sensitive calls for proposals
  • A filtered list of funding alerts, freeing up your staff to focus on alerts and project development instead of spending time hunting for funding programs
  • Optional 60 minutes per month for one-on-one strategizing calls to help quickly identify which funding programs to pursue, and next steps to help get your ideas funded
  • Optional Funding Opportunities Report that summarizes monthly alerts


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Fundraising Campaigns and Events

Whether your organization is from the private, public or not-for-profit sector, we love to help create meaningful and effective fundraising campaigns. From traditional options to innovative projects that colour outside the lines, our team is available to help make your fundraiser a success!

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Stakeholder Engagement

Resonant Business Solutions identifies and matches potential projects and partners with current and future initiatives. Always steps ahead and with the big picture in mind, we help facilitate collaboration and secure matching dollars so that our clients are equipped even before official calls are released. Services include partnership development, matchmaking meetings, event organizing and facilitation, stakeholder focus groups, and idea generation events.

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Funding Roadmap

We understand what it takes to get funding. Save time and money, and spare yourself from frustrating dead ends with this customized plan complete with recommended funding programs and strategic personalized advice, with the following features:

  • Let us do the legwork for you. Your Funding Roadmap starts with a research service. We contact funding program representatives, investigate funding leads, press releases, directories, websites, and more. We approach this step very meticulously, based on client criteria and our specialized process, to cut away dead ends fast and provide solid recommendations.
  • Participate in the process. A successful proposal starts with information gathering to help determine client eligibility and potential funding programs. This optional free add-on includes an interview with one key personnel.
  • Get customized recommendations. Every Funding Roadmap includes a valuation of potential funding sources, funding options overview, preliminary risk assessment, leverage optimization review and path recommendation so that the next steps are clear. The Funding Roadmap is not an automated list of funding programs, but rather a customized, strategic assessment and recommendation of your best options with steps that can be implemented immediately.
  • Projected milestones. Take the guesswork out of what to do when. Receive a custom schedule and milestones for proposal development, submission and post-submission that accounts for time required for each task so that your submission is on time and on target.
  • Everything you need to get started. The Funding Roadmap is complete with key contact information, web links, important dates, matching requirements and eligibility criteria.

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