Foundation Setting

Services to help get your organization on a steady footing and ensure you are ready to succeed after receiving your next grant.

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Grant Readiness Checkup

Does your organization want to apply for grants, loans, foundations or other sources of funding? Did you know that your application success is influenced by factors that have nothing to do with your project?

Grant readiness is one of the key factors which determine grant application success. Many organizations apply for funds and are rejected because they are not grant-ready. Worse yet, some organizations are approved and have to turn down the awarded grant because they didn't realize what was required as a grantholder.

This service includes a Grant Readiness Checkup questionnaire, a consult call for up to 1 hour, and a brief report with recommendations and resources to enhance your chances of receiving project funding.

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Funding Program Eligibility Applications

Eligibility applications are a necessary step for many financial incentives. Resonant Business Solutions’ services include applying on behalf of clients for eligibility to funding agencies and government departments such as NSERC, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the Ministry of Finance.

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Business Plan Writing

Are you applying for funding or seeking investors? Our team will work with you to create a business plan that tells your story, engages your stakeholders, and demonstrates a resonant impact in your sector and community.

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Business Development Services

This services starts with a one-hour consultation call to help identify opportunities for new partners, products, services, and markets. Clients can then determine which opportunities to pursue and what level of advisory and support services are desired.

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