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How to apply for mega grant funding without losing your team or your mind

funding, grants, grant ready, government grants, team, university, college, industry

Mega grants make for great success stories, however applications for multi-million dollar contributions require months and sometimes years of work to prepare. Though there's no magic five-step formula to guarantee success, here is some advice to help get you closer to a yes. First, every major application has to start with a flexible...


Introducing Your 2015 Win Your Wish List Giveaway Entries and Winners

funding, IT, web, small business, not-for-profit, technology, startup, charity, giveaway

This year’s Win Your Wish List $10k Giveaway entries came in from communities across Canada. Their missions ranged in focus from youth, language and storytelling to community development, education and the environment. Read more...


Win the Services to Turn Your Great Idea Into Reality with Our 2015 10k Giveaway

funding, IT, web, small business, not-for-profit, technology, startup, charity

Does your organization have a great idea? $10,000 in Prizes to be Won!

It’s that time again! Last year’s Win Your Wishlist $10k Giveaway had communities around the world supporting their favourite companies and organizations. From laundry to jewelry to history and more, every entrant was unique, passionate, and poised to make a difference! The competition was tough, and made awarding prizes a challenging task for the judging panel!


Win Your Wishlist 10k Giveaway Results are in

funding, IT, web, small business, not-for-profit, technology, startup, charity

After 18 days, more than 2,400 votes, one hundred social media posts, nine entries, nine judges, and 12 hours of deliberation, the results are in!


Win Your Wishlist Update-Six Days to Go and the Competition is Heating Up

funding, IT, web, small business, not-for-profit, technology, startup, charity

With six days to go in Resonant Solutions' Win Your Wishlist $10k Giveaway, the competition is heating up! Communities are rallying around their favourites and it’s anybody’s guess where the votes will land.


Enter Now in Our Win Your Wishlist 10K Giveaway-Ends Dec 22nd

funding, IT, web, small business, not-for-profit, technology, startup, charity

No matter where I go, I find that (1) most people have ideas; and (2) most people have reasons they can’t move those ideas forward. The Win Your Wishlist $10k Giveaway is a chance to dust off those ideas off the shelf, and...


3 Tips to Master the Matching Game

funding, small business, not-for-profit, money, grant ready, cash flow, government grants, application, matching

Applicant contributions can be a big challenge when getting grants. Matching rules can make the matter even more confusing. But with a little strategic thinking, these rules can be your guideposts to pick your best funding options, demonstrate grant readiness and enhance your chances for success!


Three Must-Have Keys to Get Grant Ready and Avoid the Door Effect

funding, loans, small business, grants, blog, not-for-profit, money, grant ready, cash flow, startup, government grants, company, applications

Funders look for more than a great pitch or world-changing ideas. Ensure you have these three keys to get grant ready and increase your chances at funding success.


Crowdfunding Tactics Part 1

funding, grants, blog, crowdfunding, innovation, technology, money

This post is the first of a series focusing on crowdfunding, exploring the keys to success by looking at real campaigns and best practices. In today's post we look at two recent campaigns that have been very successful in not only meeting, but exceeding their funding targets: the Solar Roadways solar panel and New Matter MOD-t 3D printer.


Beware of the Siren Song

funding, loans, small business, grants, not-for-profit

Time for a little rant. We look out for our clients. We try to give the best information out there, synthesize it, and do the gerbil do-loops until we find out our information is solid. And when we see headlines in articles and websites that are potentially misleading or misinforming, we feel a little protective of those we serve. After all, how is the average person supposed to wade through this, plus pick out the nuances of what it all means?


Resonate Inaugural Blog Post

funding, IT, connected home, web, graphic design

Welcome to our inaugural blog post for Resonate! Hear from our founders, team members and guests on game-changing topics related to business, IT, media and technology. In addition to getting a glimpse through our viewfinder, you'll get time-tested advice, resources, reviews, and the chance to learn about best practices as well as up-and-coming innovations...


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