Resource Planning Retreat

Resources come in many forms and include time, money and people. Discover new resources and opportunities to multiply your effectiveness and more quickly reach your goals through a customized Resource Planning Retreat.

Includes an engaging, facilitated workshop that empowers key staff to identify and plan which funding, tools and partnerships are required to undertake your next big project, event or annual plan.

  • Effectively kick-off funding activities related to your project with a group workshop!
  • One- and two-day facilitated retreats
  • This interactive and facilitated meeting engages key staff, resulting in higher group ownership and understanding of funding-related decisions
  • Structured yet creative, our retreats help organizations identify and plan grant and partnership development activities
  • Includes formulation of action plan and accountability charting
  • Support provided to develop a customized retreat agenda with training topics and goals that best meet the needs of your team and project
  • Includes pre-event meeting with key organizational contact, all retreat logistics and supplies, summary report, action plan, and post-event checkup
  • $3,000 one day or $5,000 two days, plus out of pocket meeting expenses

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