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Introducing Your 2015 Win Your Wish List Giveaway Entries and Winners

By : Jane Ramachandran
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Resonant Solutions is pleased to announce the winners of our second annual Win Your Wish List $10k Giveaway. After 28 days, 649 votes, more than 150 social media posts, six entries, 11 judges, and hours of deliberation, the final three prize winners have been selected.

Online activity was buzzing with excitement as entrants spread the word to encourage the votes needed to move their submissions to the judging phase. Each entrant used their social prowess and creativity to reach out, including our first place winner, Canadian Roots Exchange, receiving more than 200 votes in less than 48 hours!

Word spread through social media, with votes coming in from five continents and nine countries including Canada, the U.S., Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India, the Philippines, and Australia.

Choosing three winners from this year’s entries was no easy task. All submissions were heartfelt and missions admirable. All entrants were unique and passionate in their own way.

The Resonant Solutions Judging Panel reviewed, scored, discussed and debated the merits of each entry, resulting in awarding the following prizes:

Runner up entrants include Ignite Your Destiny International, Beautiful Fields Publishing and CHANS Battery Rebuild.

This year’s entries came in from communities across Canada. Their missions ranged in focus from youth, language and storytelling to community development, education and the environment.

One of the running themes was a recognition of the importance of our youth. Ignite Your Destiny International shared their dream to build a school in Kenya that will inspire and equip a generation to reach their full potential. Canadian Roots Exchange described their programs to build understanding, honour, and comradery between indigenous and non-indigenous youth across Canada.

Three entrants passionately shared their unique approaches to giving people a voice and overcoming barriers: MCIS bringing understanding by using language differences as an platform for inclusion instead of isolation; Ready, Set, Draw through a unique ability to graphically translate ideas into intuitive, vibrant images; and Beautiful Fields Publishing, with a heart to offer online training and share people’s life stories through published works. Our lone environmental entry came from CHANS Battery Rebuild, an intriguing service to restore batteries for laptops and power tools.

Although it did not place in the top three, this new small business in London, Ontario has much potential to impact how communities manage tech waste!

Many thanks to all the organizations and individuals who promoted this year’s giveaway:

Thanks also to everyone who viewed, voted, tweeted and shared.

We applaud the daring entrepreneurs, innovators and passionate dreamers who help make this world a better place.

Does your business, organization or charity have a great idea? Drop us a note and tell us all about it. Resonant Solutions wants to help you turn that idea into a reality.

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