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From network management, to offsite backup, storage solutions, and corporate email and communications, we provide the highest standard of secure business IT solutions paired with a dedicated customer-centred service experience.

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Offsite Backup

Premium protection offsite backup that provides peace of mind. Hard disk and cloud-based options are available, exceeding the standards for secure data backup, and ensuring continuous offsite data archival so that client systems can easily be restored at any time. Ideal for both personal and professional use. Cloud-based and server-based backup solutions are available:

  • Backblaze*: Cloud-based real time backup. Safe, easy, inexpensive and reliable!
  • Server-side backup: Please call for quote.
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Backblaze Backup

Laptops and computers without backup can mean loss of precious memories, financial information, and more.

Backblaze is easy to use. All your data will be backed up without having to do a thing. Plus, you get an unlimited account, so you never have to worry about going over a limit and paying extra fees.

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Storage Solutions

Enjoy seamless, safe, and secure remote server storage solutions. Easily share and secure data with password-protected access, eliminating the need for sending and receiving bulky files by email. Our storage solutions also include secure online access, so files can be retrieved anywhere there is an Internet connection.


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SharePoint Services

Windows SharePoint offers a central repository for documents, information, and ideas, and enable users to work interactively with these items.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Server, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server, is the #1 corporate messaging software. Exchange Server has quickly gained popularity among businesses of all sizes.

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